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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sweater Pumpkin

Again, as I'm preparing more fall decor, I decided to give these sweater pumpkins a try.  Turned out they were very simple.  Start out with a old sweater at the back of your closet.  
First off, cut off the entire sleeve to give yourself a little less fabric to have work with.  Next, turn the sleeve inside out.  At the very end of the sleeve, tie a knot.  Now, turn your sweater right side out leaving your tied not inside the future pumpkin. Stuff the entire end portion of the sleeve as full as you can, until you can form it into somewhat of a ball shape.  

Once into a ball, tie the top with a piece of twine.  If you choose, you can also add a few cross ties, to add to your pumpkin shape.  Very tightly, wrap your twine about one inch up to create your stem.  Once your stem is finished, cut all of the access fabric off.  If you have some type of wired twine, you can add a few spirals.  Just another, inexpensive fall decoration!
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