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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Christmas Pillow

 I know it's only September, but every Christmas when I get all of my Christmas decorations out, I'm always frustrated that I don't have enough stuff.  Or at least that I like.  So threw out the year I've made it my goal to pick up some new things, as well as make some new decorations.  When Christmas comes, I'll be ready!  So my project on this rainy day was to make a Christmas pillow!  I had a plain brown pillow that I picked up at Goodwill a while ago.  I'll try to walk you though my process.  To start, I printed out a silhouette of a reindeer that I found online.


Next, I cut out the reindeer! As you can see, my pillow was only $2.99.  It was new with tags.  What can't you find at Good Will.
I laid the cutout centered on the pillow.  I took white paint and while holding the edges down, worked my way around the stencil.  I did go back and apply a second coat to cover some light spots. Right now it looks out of place, but come Christmas, it'll fit right in!

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