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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Acorns

At the store the other day, I saw these adorable acorns.  After examining them, like I always do, I realized it was going to be a pretty easy project.  I most likely had the materials needed, already at home.  You could use a styrofoam egg, or even a plastic easter egg.  You could use any fabric you might already have at home or that you want to match your acorns. Just wrap the fabric around the smaller part of the egg shape.  Since I used a foam egg, I attached mine with floral pins.  If you choose to use a plastic egg, you can attach your fabric with hot glue.  After that you'll have to go out in your yard and find some pine cones.  Cut off all of the small off shoots.  One by one, starting at the bottom, or the fabric edge, hot glue one after another, moving up to the next row.  Once your whole egg is covered, you now have an adorable new fall acorn!
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